Faye Gade

Gade was the general manager of Eatontown's WHTG-FM (106.3) when the station made the switch in 1984 from a "beautiful music" format to the then-rare alternative rock format. Station disc jockey Rich Robinson convinced Gade to try the format and Mike Marrone was brought on board to be music director.

Gade was the daughter of station founders Harold and Theo Gade, for whom the acronym of the call letters, "H T G," referred to. The station's studios were in a house on Hope Road were Faye Gade lived.

WHTG-AM was founded by the Gades in 1957 and the FM signal was up by 1961. Faye Gade became owner in '85 as the station's national profile was ascending. At the time, there were less then 10 alt-rock stations in the country when they made the format change. A decade later, the alternative rock format was mainstream and WHTG-FM was cited as an industry leader by Rolling Stone.

Gade was also a pioneer as a female head of a radio station in an era when almost all major radio stations were owned by men.